Why pay extra for classes? Our group fitness classes are included with all memberships!

Here is a quick description of the live group classes we currently offer:

Build & Burn

Start off with some muscle engaging resistance, then add cardiovascular movements! A well rounded workout in one shot!

Ultimate Cross Training

The best in cross training with this heart pumping body strengthening workout! A well spent hour of shaping up!

Zumba® Fitness

The original dance party style fitness class inspired by Latin and international rhythms! Let the hour fly by without noticing you've just burned loads of calories!

Tabata/Tabata Interval Training

Four minutes of high-intensity training, alternating 20 seconds hardcore movement with 10 seconds rest for a total of eight rounds. These workouts are fast-paced, fun and burn through tons of calories.

Vinyasa Yoga (Tuesday Evenings)

The class will combine some fluid movements to warm up the body, as well as some strengthening and balancing poses. It is very beneficial in increasing flexibility, strength and balance. A great addition to your resistance and cardio training.


One fun hour of strength training moves! Squats, Chest presses, deadlifts oh my! Great for all level participants!

Body Magic

Blending resistance and cardio, this class is all body weight training. It will rev your metabolism by building long lean muscle. Great for all fitness levels!

All this plus Fitness on Demand classes!

Fitness on Demand kiosk provides descriptions for each class provided.